Dan Delaney
for Congress

On the Issues

Learn more about the Libertarian candidate for New Jersey's 8th Congressional District


Freedom cannot be achieved unless government is limited. Federal interference in our personal lives is at an unprecedented level, and needs to be reigned in.

Limit Spending

The Federal Government’s wasteful spending of our hard earned tax dollars is an abomination. Most public services are wildly inefficient, waste money left and right, and should be privatized.

End the Wars

Our military interventions in foreign countries have been proven to make us less safe. We need to stop bombing innocent civilians, bring the troops home, and secure our homeland.

Free Markets

Unnecessary licenses and burdening regulatory restrictions make it harder for small businesses to get going. We need to get the government out of the way so that the market can function freely.

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About Dan Delaney

2020 Libertarian candidate for New Jersey's 8th Congressional District
Dan has a vision for a free and prosperous America

Born and raised in New Jersey, Dan attended Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell. He then went on to get his Bachelors in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, and now enjoys working as a Co-Founder at Players' Lounge

After years of witnessing the inefficiencies and failures of the government, Dan has been driven to run for office. If elected, he plans to present bills to Congress that propose viable solutions to the problems facing people in the 8th District.